About the Fest

The Efforts and proceeds of the 2019 South East Craft Beer Festival will benefit:

The South East Craft Beer Festival began in 2013 with the desire to bring more unique beers to Missouri….

… And has that been accomplished and more!  Several breweries have now come to the festival without distribution in the state of Missouri, and are now distributed in Missouri.  Many breweries that will never distribute here, have been able to sample their products out and have festival attendees come visit their breweries and taprooms.

We all love beer and the South East Craft Beer Festival continues to grow and reinvent itself in ways to make the weekend a party for all that are involved. Whether you wish to partake in the just the fest, different foods, arts, music, and of course beer, it is all bundled up in CoMo Craft Beer Week, and capped off by the fest.

This year we are proud to have teamed up with the Welcome Home as our charity, and the 19th Hole Golf Tournament at Columbia Country Club the Friday prior to the fest is a great addition to the fun activities for the week.