Beer Jog

Love beer? Enjoy walking/jogging/running? Then this is the event for you! Sample craft beers along the route as you choose your adventure, speed and distance on the crushed limestone trail course. The distance is either 1.5 miles or a 5k depending on how determined you are!

All participants will sample multiple great beers (stay tuned for details) and get to take home a great Beer Jog shirt!

For participants under the age of 21 we are also offering a craft root beer option for the course!

Stay tuned for developing details such as costume contests, dance parties and other fun along the route!

This event will not be timed and really focuses on the fun of the beer jaunt!


Terms & Conditions

I understand that the organizers and property owners shall not be held responsible for injury incurred at the Beer Jog; that there are inherent dangers in participating in the Beer Jog which include, but are not limited to, sugar rush, euphoria, falling/ankle twisting, cuts, bruises, head and/or weather injuries. I acknowledge such risks and assume responsibility for participating in the Beer Jog event and social activity. Being the super cool person that I am, I hereby grant full permission for the free use of my name and/or any embarrassing photographs and videotape for any future promotions. I also promise to tell all my friends how much fun I had and how great it was.